Day 8 of 21 – Pau in Basque Country and what it means to Marry Up

Up and slow to an easy day. My marathon legs are sore.

We had an amazing place to stay in Carcanes, but this place in Pau blows it away. It looks like we can walk to everything, enjoy the sights and stay a bit above it all in our 3rd floor walk-up.

It is HOT here – 104 degrees. Luckily the home-owner had the sensibility to keep the place closed up so the condo is quite mild. It’s refreshing actually.  The marvels of stone construction and wooden shutters.

Today we wove-drove our way through the French country side (mostly post-season dead sunflowers and corn – lots and lots of corn) and enjoyed the air conditioning. The countryside is stunning, but the true beauty of today is the time Chris and I got to be alone together and catch up. These vacations are big for us because we get to stop and think, connect to our dreams and priorities and wonder about what is next. It is a wonderful process and a great list. Here are some highlights

  • Where SHOULD we live, not just where COULD we live.
  • Due to current living and life circumstances, we are starting to lean away from adoption, so we are being intentional about what that means.
  • Health, wealth, spirit and happiness check in.  [ the cliff-notes are positive ]
  • Family, framily, friends and fun – how do we keep nurturing those.
  • Unexplored ideas and dreams- can we find a diamond there and enjoy it?

The biggest joy for me though was the company for the ride. Marrying up means I have someone with whom I can be totally vulnerable, someone I can act a fool around (and do) and yet still have the communication skills to stay connected, aware of each-others’ needs and lift one another up to reach our dreams.

Tonight we are off to explore some markets, architecture and the Basque – Pau – French culture.  Luck me!


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