16 of 21 of French Selfie Fun – A seafood mountain!

After a stunning, stunning drive past the winery Chateaux distinct to the region and the wines we’ve been drinking, we landed for an incredible lunch in Cannes.  10 years or so ago I visited this charming nook of the world with a dear friend Jim.  I was his cabin mate on a cruise (which sadly Chris will NEVER do!) – where Jim was the chaplain.  On this excursion into Cannes we splurged and say for a long afternoon with a pile of seafood, a bottle of crisp Rose and a soft breeze.  It was then an experience I had hoped to repeat and now it is an experience I wish for everyone.  Astoux&Brun – http://www.astouxbrun.com apparently one of the best places in Cannes – didn’t fail!

Chris, should we go back in 10 years?

We parked in Antibes just outside the old town, so after a bit of exploring our new neighborhood, moving the car and getting settled in our charming AirB&B (oh, we MAY have also had an apéritif)- I settled into the flat and Chris and I did a couple of hours on the new company, Hitch Video, and chose a cute outdoor-garden cafe / restaurant that we could hear from our balcony.

Yesterday’s #badMrYummy happened on a couple of occasions.  I think Chris is like everyone else- so over the stupid kitty stick he can barely even acknowledge me the moment it comes up or out. I have a dilemma.  The stick arrives and I am dead to him. I was able to use it to capture a sweet moment when a French woman wanted him to take her picture on a moped so she could sent it to her family. It was sweet to see his French skills surpass the necessity of purchasing espresso and croissants. 

I took an impromptu dip in the sea in my underwear, which were much more concealing than the majority of the banana hammocks the middle-aged French men wear. I’m not judging, I’m jealous.  So with that image solidly planted, I’m out!


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