Day 1 of 21 French Selfies

And so this adventure begins! Chris and I have been planning and dreaming of such a long vacation and some time in France for a very, very long time.  This much-needed break is coming at a bad time at work.

  • We have a new software brand we are launching.
  • There is much confusion and consolidation in the market, so business is sluggish.
  • The team is new and needs some direction to reach their full potential.
  • We have a lot of personal decision to review where we live, do we parent, do we buy, do we sell?

This mean it is EXACTLY the right time to take off for three weeks, so off we go.

Day 1 – of 21 of Fun!

Today is a travel day….. I’m bored.  Chris picked great seats and he sorta is letting me lean in him – I have my pillow as a buffer between the seats.  I’m not tired.  We have 5 hours left.  We land Tuesday with then the logistics of car rental, airport and customs fun and at some point I’ll want to find a clean bathroom and try to freshen up.  Traveling is a dirty, germ-filled experience.  Someone on the plane farted.  My nose feels dirty.

Today’s selfie?  My phone upgrade has a new selfie option that lets me get a selfie panorama.  I was trying to figure that out and by the time I got to that and almost had it down, Chris reached that “you have annoyed me enough that I’m going to start with a stern “OK” and step towards the “you keep that up and I’m going to know you out” look.  Better results tomorrow maybe.  We’ll have five hours in the car with me being fairly sleep deprived.  Should be fun!