Day 2 of Selfie Fun – Off to Angouleme

Day 2 – of 21 of Fun!

20160907_115725A travel wash. We landed at 1030 AM with a car rental slated for noon- so we had time to kill. This afforded us the chance to have our first French croissant – at the airport. I am sure this will be the epitome of pastry experiences during this trip, but I will work to prove this wrong throughout the trip. During the stunning drive to Angouleme we took a detour along a rural route along the Loire.

The highlights for me included wondering how I could possibly stay awake to see the sights. As I nodded off for brief bobble-headed, drooling car adventures, I toggled between fidgeting in my seat, asking Chris how much longer it would be and searching the radio for something entertaining.  The drive was stunning despite my sleep-deprived fog and general “pleasant” demeanor that I get after 24 for hours of minimal rest or sleep.

Bonus Evening?  We settled in nicely with Jean-Jaques, the prince of Angouleme – OK, more of a queen than a prince, but his lovely home and quest room (and adorable kitty) welcomed us “home.”  After a lovely couple of bottles of wine, some duck-liver pate and some local muscles I was ready for bed.