When is enough, enough? Like many others I believe that how we all respond now to issues of gender inequality and racism will mark a place in history, and that what we do in this time of contention defines our ability to claim a moral high ground and remain both a world leader and world power. If done right America can be made great again. If these issues are addressed poorly, with hyperbole and vitriol, we all get to witness and mark the decline of a super power in real-time. I never expected this in my lifetime. Honestly I fear that Mr. Trump has set the bar so low that now our NEXT set of political candidates could be even more polarizing.

There are lovely people in my life that defend President Trump without any critical reflection, in my experience and opinion. If you feel targeted by this comment – feel free to reach out to me and we can have a true conversation.  Enlighten me. As a democrat / liberal / socialist I often get written off as though I lack the capacity for spirited discussion, active listening and openness to changing my position by people (family, friends, coworkers) that spend much of their time single sourcing their news and learning. I listen to Fox often enough to know it is equally an echo chamber as any (instert liberal media title here) newscast. I found this #NYTIMES article quite helpful and comprehensive. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/11/us/politics/trump-shithole-countries.html

If you have another resource I should read, share it. I’m open.

What I am not open to is fact denial just because it is inconvenient or uncomfortable. The #shithead said #shithole. So now what? Yes, I was excited and interested to see what a shake-up to our political system Trump would bring. I do not, however, carry any interest in Mr. Trump trying to disguise his racism as tough talk. He’s not a shit disturber- he is a narcissist with a potty mouth (Ok, so am I… I fucking swear and I blog)- and he is a bigot cloaking his prejudice in double speak, revisionist lies and he is both sexist and racist.

The #metoo movement was long overdue. I have witnessed, created and ignored instances where woman were made uncomfortable, disrespected, and taken advantage of in many ways. I have learned and always want to learn where I can help in these situations. I believe I am part of the solution and working towards a solution. Admitting that I have and likely will continue to contribute to the problem helps me be better, more aware and actually not make mistakes. Similarly, the racist thinking and learning of my past plague my thoughts today. Admitting that helps me avoid the pitfalls of prejudice. Un-discovering racism is more than language correction; it requires self evaluation, vigilance and a LOT of listening to the experience of others.

So I have to ask. If some nobody chubby uncle like me can have these insights, how is it that President Trump – with all his “genius” and resources and experience cannot approach these topics and times with a ounce of introspection? I pray that he finds some better vocabulary, some humility and some integrity. I’m so frustrated with the current status of things that all I have left is prayer. Pray for Trump.  He needs it.


Days 14- 15 – 16 – 17 Purpose: Going Exploring and Finding Everything I Need I Already Have

Highlights from the highlife in Spain? Some wonderful exploring, a classical guitar concert in an amazing space, an attempted pick-pocketing, death by cheese and a surprise dining experience as we twist and turn about the streets of Barcelona. Barcelona is our gateway to home- I’ll post this upon return, but it is more than that. It is among the first of the cities we traveled to where we knew then and know now that we must live in another culture. It also forces us to make the most of the home we have. 

Tuesday. Day 14- I have slept more in this trip than I have on previous trips and have enjoyed every last wink. Trips to museums, learning more about the history of Spain and Barcelona suffered due to this. It’s a small price paid for the renewed ability to give thanks for my many blessing and just chill and enjoy Chris’ company. I made some decisions about writing, art, my future workouts and yes, even Christmas presents I want to give. 

La Rambla and the Boqueria (market) remain both touristy and lovely. My favorite is trying to blend in or find the little places just outside of the tourist view. I am clearly not great at blending in (selfie stick and all) but I do succeed in finding little gems off the beaten path. So too is Chris!

Speaking of which, Chris found a concert which we attended that blew me away. It was 20 classic guitars, a lead guitarist, a violinist and a piccolo player. Oh, and their were flamenco dancers. It may stand as the highlight of this trip. I never imagined 20+ guitars playing in such unison nor the impact of great acoustics (the Palau) on such subtle music.  This video is worth a look. Palau! Watching this taught me something about what I want to continue to create at work- a culture of collaboration and fun. These artist clearly work hard (check- we do that) and love what they are doing (check)- we have those things. But they also we able to each play their unique role in unison to create something that together was breathtaking. Work is not art, so we will not reach such heights, but if our approach is similar, we can create something unique.


I am eager to get back and try to live that energy while I motivate my little orchestra. We then repeated a restaurant experience we had on our first night together in Barcelona some 4 years ago.  The food was fine – not nearly as great as we remembered, but the experience was perfect. Our Spanish is better (well, Chris’ is)- the Spanish restaurants speak more English – and our constant love of Spanish food have provided much more context and foundation. We also had pig ears. Confession? I’ve had them before and in my post-vegetarian world I’ve decided that if I’m going to be OK with an animal being killed so I can eat, I need to be open to going from head to tail. I’ve had better. Yeah, these ears, never again.

Wednesday- Day 15: Nothing magical which means everything is magical. Oh wait, we saw a beautiful Church (Sagrada Familia) had dinner with a friend, napped and got pick-pocketed and fought back.  Yeah, dull day in Barcelona.

Having both Chris and I work for the company has been a unique challenge I am increasingly aware of how special it is that we have been able to pull this off. It was hard on the company to have us both away, but my team did it really well. We work together and work is, well…. work. Vacation has given us a time to do our needed check-ins, goal settings, tune-ups and goofing around. 21 years and we remain best friends. I am reminded that I need to keep my hand on the off button too. (Many have said that about me….)

We walked to Sagrada Familia and then had our requisite Siesta, I wrote and read a bit, listened to music in our wonderful rental and then went off to dinner with a friend and her boyfriend. Their company was wonderful and we spoke of Spanish immigration, current Catalan politics and a little bit of EU perspective on American politics. From what we can tell, most people in Europe just do not understand how Trump became President or how he has lated. We have no clear explanation to offer them other than that our voter turnout is low and that people are really just sick of the system. I still find it a lame excuse for him, but it is the best I can do.IMAG2350

Pick-pockets tried to nab my phone and then they started on Chris.  They briefly snagged his phone from his pocket and I think they were shocked that we went back after them for his phone. Our best instincts kicked in and we showed STOP at them- Chris in Spanish and we stood our ground. They were stunned and when Chris and I charged towards them the guy handed us his phone. Clearly it jacked us up a bit, but we were pleased that we did not panic in the situation and we kept our heads about us. TIP: They were presenting to try to get us interested in going to see Flamenco dancing – and then bumping up against us “dancing” as they were trying to get us to go to show.  It is during those “bumps” that they try to grab shit. Bastards. Anyways, we scared them with my big gay scream. The one guy almost shit himself when Chris turned on him and shouted. I swooned.

Thursday – Day 16:  Have I mentioned we cloud live here? A Scottish Cheese lady tried killing us with Cheese (again).  On our last trip we met this lovely affineur for a private tasting and decided to repeat the experience.  It was incredible and during our time there the students were protesting the current political situation between the Catalan people and the Spanish Government. I will admit that the idea of unrest felt less dramatic when sitting in a dark chesse cave drinking wine and talking about goats in Spain. Luckily we chose an early private tasting so we were able to wanter afterwards and give ourselves a long break prior to dinner. 

I stalked Chris for a while. He loves to meander shops and stands. Me? Not so much. Where I can look at one or two stations or stores, he can look at hundreds. Knowing it is a passion for him and a tolerance for me, we split for a bit to meet later. I got back earlier than expected and was able to spy on him-watch him explore, learn, look and wander. He’s a cute shopper and I am glad he and I know there are some experience we have that are more enjoyable if they are done separately. 

That evening we explored a different neighborhood, el Reval – and started at a lovely cocktail bar. I got the death stare due to attempting (perhaps too much) to use the new remote app on my camera and a solum promise from Chris that there will never, ever, ever be a day, date and time that he enjoyed the selfie stick and that it will never be tolerated in restaurants. I am not going to let him get away with his intolerance, but that is a work in progress.

Friday – Day 17- Departure. Today is all but a wash due to the time change, but what a lovely wash. We have a 13-hour flight home which will give me some time to edit pictures, clear out e-mail and collect my thoughts.

One that I have is about “purpose” – mine, ours and what I / we may do in the future. Purpose. It’s my focus word for 2017. It is part of my mantra – Patience, Priority, Purpose, Integrity, Serenity, Release – I say that when running, when stressed (sometimes those are the same) and say it just to ground myself.  The impact of work on this trip was to help me focus on “purpose” – mine as a partner, a CEO and a colleague. I owe it to myself to enjoy the benefits of hard work just as much as I owe it to the people I love and the people I work with to show up to my full potential.  This vacation has helped remind me of the comfort of this mantra and the benefit of focusing on “purpose.” The world seem to be a more complicated and complex ecosystem of often conflicting and competing ideals, goals and agendas.  My role, my purpose? Not totally sure, but with more trips like this and the desire to explore, I’m sure I will find it… and if I don’t, at least there will be adventure, Chris’ company and Jamon. Lots and lots of Jamon.20171026125129_IMG_7349

Day 13 – it started with a short run along the harbor in Cadaquez. Damn, I wish I could say that every day. We then had lunch at a place that had matched the wonder of a slow, leisurely Spanish lunch with the persuasion of manicured, proud French cooking. The view was stunning, the food good and the pace emphasized the vacation part of the “vacation lunch”- we were tapping a foot to get on the road to meet our AirBNB host in Barcelona. Poor us! Thanks to all of you who prayed for us in our suffering.

Barcelona: Such a gem. Chris found an amazing rental in the center of the old Gothic city center, Bari Gothic. We could live here.

It has creates a bit of a war of wills. One of our wishes is to find a quieter more rural pace where we can run the business, have a yard and grow food. The other is to merge into the noise and grind of a magical city like NY, SF, Paris, London, Barcelona. Paper, rock, scissors- here we go! Decision by RoShamBo!

Our host suggested a dinner spot that sadly couldn’t exist in the US. It is designed so seating is just barely one seat deep along the bar. There are four sets of doors where you can choose a spot along the bar to enter and a few bays of seating on each end. On warm nights and days the doors would be swung open so patrons could spill out on the street, netting passerby’s. The process of moving from one end of the bar to the other includes either popping out in the street and entering through another door or bumping your way along the wall and the other patrons.  Sound horrible?Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 1.39.26 AM

Quite the opposite! And they have Fois Gras.  And Steak.  And Padrons.  If I was asked for a last meal of choice, this would be it.

The pictures may not look like much, but they seer a steak perfectly and smother it with flash-fried Fois Gras and butter sautéed onions. It is a magical heart-attack on the plate. The bartender serving us took a shine to us – seemingly motivated by our desire to have the steak “rare” – which is harder to order in broken Spanish than you would think.  We chased our dinner with a small servasa and a shot of Oruho- a typical digestive (which the bartender decided to double) – and a walk around Barcelona.

Our other plans- the Mercat, La Rambla, Sagrada Familia, The Catalan Museum, see a friend and sleep in. I’ll rent a bike to explore, go for a run or two and smother myself in more Fois and olive oil.


I have been carrying a bit of stress in my body as of late and I had a breakthrough whilst looking at this Church, out this beautiful window and over this beautiful city.


Stress? Some of it is work. The business is strong. My team is awesome. Yet we are always thread bare, cash-strapped and rebounding. The tech industry is constantly shifting and the only thing constant is disruption. It gives me heartburn. Then there is the burden of dreaming. My dad was completely happy (or so he said he was) to sit in our small town of Blackstone for the entirety of his life. Travels were interesting but never a passion and he CERTAINLY never considered uprooting and living elsewhere. My mom- well she was just happy. If she was around her kids, her grandkids, she was happy. Me? Definitely happy. Blissful… but restless though.  It causes stress.IMAG2226

When I slow down like I did today these weird, weird things called FACTS (they DO exist!), sink in and the reality that sets in quite is wonderful. Granted it is far less dramatic and terrorizing and fanciful, but it is WONDERFUL.

My facts. If all hell broke lose, my (very loyal and awesome customers and team bailed) and if the housing markets in two countries failed and we were broke, and if my health failed, and if Chris’ health failed, and if my friends stopped loving me and if my family stopped loving me- yeah, if ALL OF THAT implausible was possible, I’d still be married to Chris. I should fear nothing because I have everything. I have everything because I have my life’s true love.

Today was simple. We didn’t do much. We walked. I dipped my feet in the chilly ocean. We meandered. I read. I fell in love again… and it was perfect, because I realize that no matter what comes next, I have #mryummy by my side.


Have you met the razor-blade fairy? They (sic) is wonderful. This may not look like much to you or seem like a bit deal, but to me it is magic. It is wonderful. It’s simply amazing. It represents the fact that I may never ever have to wonder if the razor is sharp. It just “happens!” Out of nowhere the blade fairy changes them out. Me? I just get to grab the blade without thought or pause and scrape away. Et, Voila! Where they come from, how they get there, where to they go when changed; these ruminations needed me not as they are the problems of the others. I married up. I appreciate it and know it and at this point am glad I get to live without this type of detail attention.

Chris and I wonder if I am not in a state of negative reincarnation. No, not that I’m a terrible person today (a bit narciSissy, yes) and I’ll come back as a worse one or a bug in the next life, but that perhaps in the past I was high-born, royalty, a monarch, nobility, part of the ruling class and those “needs” (entitlements) are somewhat still in me. I’ll admit it- I love being taken care of. I love other people being in line and getting to skip it. Waiting is for them!  (We’ll that is just $85 dollars and TSA Pre-check, but let a sissy dream). Today, vacation-day 12- I’m going to embrace my inner aristocrat. Husband! Fetch me a pastry! [Footnote: I’m SCREWED if he sees this prior to his imminent departure and luckily he doesn’t get cell or WiFi on his device once outside the condo.] I am a puffer fish.

Day 10: Friday – I slept in. Work needed a little attention and I am getting the meat sweats. I do not do this much at home (sleep in), but Friday I was able to stay in and stay quiet. The condo we rented through AirB&B has a sleepy view of the main Church here in Cadaquez and a soft breeze. It seems to me that it would be an easy thing for me to do back home- find a cafe or spot where I can sit for a bit and read, chill and reflect. Seems simple, actionable and available. I’ll give it a try.  Later that night we dined at Compartir – a restaurant we enjoyed four years ago on our first trip here. We were seated at the same table at which I was able to have an amazing meal and witness the wonder of my attentive hubby.

A bit into the dining experience a puzzled look came across his face. He looked around a bit and the stated – “I seem to remember a well being in this room over there, do you?” Candidly, I did not. I had no reason to doubt him, but it seemed odd – a well inside a restaurant? A few minutes later he popped out with “I’m right” (he genuinely always is)- and pointed up along the wall to the ceiling. A pulley and winch system remained behind and when we (he) asked in sweet broken Spanish (what the hell is the word for well!?) about said well, the staff confirmed that it has been covered up, that the part of the building we were in was built up around the well and was originally a courtyard.

Earlier in the day we stopped at a local grocery store. They have wines by the barrel and you can pour your own- so we did. A bit of vermouth that is lovely with a touch of lime and ice- perfect for a pre-siesta slumber. We’ll have to do that for the next week. I may need to implement that policy at work.

Day 11 of 17 – Saturday – The celebration of Bliss!

We were up early and off to Ceret, France. Saturday market drifting is one of the passions of our life. It is this ability to just get up and go somewhere like this that is drawing out the wanna-be expat in me.


This market is amazing. We could live in Ceret- and (shocker alert!) we talked to a chocolatier about life in the region. He (an expat from London) and his wife (expat from Belgium) have moved to a nearby village that was the Catalan center of Cocoa trade. They have a cottage industry business of artisan chocolates. We had to sample a few. He told stories of housing in the smaller villages that cost less than 100k for a multifamily home. Dreams of my real estate empire have begun anew. More amazing that all of this was the wonder in Chris’ eyes as he explored each stall, slowly and attentively. It’s his job to explore, my job to adore. We wondered our way back via the coast and came back to Cadaquez for a lunch of gathered items from the market. Yeah, Jamon – a big chuck of it, we now own a made-in-france farmer’s knife (with a built in cork screw!) cheese, bread and dried fruit.

A word of warning. If you have spent two weeks jamming yourself full of meat, especially dried ham and cheese, suddenly adding anything that looks like a vegetable (let alone a piece of dried fruit) could have consequences unexpected.

I’m kinda done with Jamon for a while. Meh… probably just until lunch which is sadly FOUR HOURS away!!

After siesta we rallied for dinner at La Serena. http://www.restaurantelasirena.com They had this magical thing called a salad. It is this appetizer that has vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce and onions. It was a welcomed start given that most of the veggies I’ve had in two weeks have been olives stuffed with anchovies or Jamon or both. My fussy tummy was settled by a pre-dinner cocktail of Pastis (one more reason to love France) and filled to the bursting point with a fish stew. Ok, fish stew is a misnomer. This was bouillabaisse heaven with razor clams, mussels, langoustine, two types of fish and gambas (shrimp)- all local, all incredible.  The Spanish do these and Paella with at least two persons for the portion.

During the dinner I revealed the Facebook post to Chris where many of our family and friends posted things that we love about Chris. It was a super sweet cap-stone to the “50 moments of Chris bliss” only outstepped by how into us and our reaction to the meal we were having that the staff was. They seems generally delighted that we enjoyed the complex flavors of the stew, that we ate slowly with intention and that we explored the nuances of the various tastes with bits and sips of bread and wine. A blessed life is only as far away as a good meal eaten with intention. We live many blessed lives!

Four years ago Chris succumbed to the expat virus at Cafe De La Habana. The owner at La Serena suggested we night-cap at this Cafe. A local Spaniard and his French wife run this bar where he strums his classic guitar to a mix if sleepy ballads and quirky covers of modern hits. She serves up drinks governed only by the glance at the boooze-level in the glass and a whim. Back then we left with a CD and through the interim years we visit that CD to resurrect some of most pleasant travel memories we have. It is better live. Travel to Cadaques and see for yourself.  Just don’t go in the summer. We have been told it is crowed and can take up to three hours to get into town down the 8 kilometer winding road into town. More reasons we enjoy early Spring or early Fall travel- the offseason- this is spot on for us.


We strolled up the hill to our “home” in Cadaqez with more talk of working the company plans from abroad, learning Spanish and challenging ourselves to embrace the unknown. Back at the house I found yet another magical fairy. The sparkling water fairy had visited and there bedside was a glass ready to accompany me to a restful slumber dreaming of endless Jamon Iberico. Yummy indeed.



You have entered the drone zone. NO, not me. You chose to click – so read on about the sadness that is death of a selfie drone.  Spoiler alert! All I managed is to get a picture of my crotch. It’s nothing special- the drone I mean. Actually, it’s in the trash. What a waste!

Wanted: working, quality selfie drone for under $65 dollars.

Day 6 – last Monday: Palmer to Soller. Another spoiler alert: we could live here.

Sóller- https://www.abc-mallorca.com/soller/  We took a sweet touristy and retro train over to Soller. Another surprise? I had jamon. It’s four days since this short trip, two cities later and I am seriously starting to smell like Jamon fat. I might have licked my own arm. Maybe I did that. That evening after siesta (which for me seems to be another work for Gin & Tonic) we walked our way up to the Mercat San Juan. Chris was Chris- which means he did all the foot fetching and purchasing while I nursed my sad and tired marathon legs.

Day 7 – Bye Bye Palma – Hello Sitges. Another spoiler alert: we could live here.

Sitges – http://www.visitsitges.com/en/ . In the event food at American airports was as good as the crappiest of foods at Spanish airports we’ve been in, American fliers might not be nearly as pissed off. This might be because I had (wait for it…) Jamon Iberico. After a short flight to Barcelona and picking up the rental, we made our way to our host house in Sitges. The pool was terrible as noted in an earlier post, but luckily our host (a fabulous queen from Budapest) greeted us with a bottle of cava. This day- Tuesday- marked the death of the drone. It would be three full days until (today) I actually gave up and burried it.

Day 8 – The Thunder and Lightening of Sitges. We started looking at property.

Sitges continued. Don’t get me wrong, I love California. But after suffering through two days in the pouring rain in Sitges (which is rare) and compensating by journling, reading, eating (Jamon) and drinking (water, agua con gas actually) – we could live here. We popped into a gay bar as Sitges is the gay get-away coast for the Catalonia queers and their friends. I picked up a hot guy pictured here. Score 1 for 21 years of bliss! Sitges is cute, touristy and only a 30 minute train ride from Barcelona. They also have a very, very healthy pintxos culture, which makes me happy. Yes, I had Jamon and Chris had a tortilla (the Spanish kind). More about the “pinchos” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pincho

Day 9 – Terragona and Cataques. Spoiler ALERT! We could live there / here.

Tarragona: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarragona . Yes, Yes, it rained AND we could live there. We are actually not that unique in this as people have been living on this crappy spot for like 4,000 years. More, actually. I saw the largest intact Roman aqueduct that I’ve seen ever. And it is just right by the freeway. Their ancient colosseum is by the sea and still used today. A very smart woman suggested we go (thanks Mrs Martin Scanlon). Bla, bla, bla..a medieval church build on the same grounds that has been a holy site for cultures for thousands of years, cobble stone streets, Jamon, wine, cervezas, Jamon, pictures, jamon- Spain is so f’ing redundant. Where the hell is the taco bell! Or a f’ing Dunkin Donuts for Christ Sakes!  All joking aside- yeah, that was a joke – even a brief walk in this ancient historical city was a history-buff’s dream and I could spend years here studying and eating Jamon. For sure I will spend years eating Jamon.
Cadaqués One of the jewels of the Costa Brava and Spoiler Alert!  We CANT live here. It’s too f’ing expensive and there is about .000001 % property availability.  wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadaqués
This part of the trip is the big dance for us. A few years ago Chris cheated on me with this city. He’d pop out of bed early and head out the door to explore, wander, take pictures, soak in the sights and sounds and (luckily) return with a cafe and chocolate croissant. That was back when I ate the evil satan-influenced gluten. Little has changed since we were here last except for the occasional whiff of marajuana and the calls and signs supporting Catalan independence from Spain. Today (Friday) I slept in, did some work I promised for my team and did a ton or reading. Oh, and laundry. The mystery of European all-in-one washers lessened a bit today because the condo we are in was furnished by Ikea and I could google the unit and learn WTF to do.
This time next week we are headed home. I miss it and I miss and love it enough to say I want to go back. Tomorrow we day trip to France. Therein is one of the primary reasons we MUST live in Europe at some point. Given we are not having babies or raising anything other than back-hair and kitty cats, we have the option to live in another culture. More than anything else- jamon and VERY inexpensive (tasty) wine options aside, that is what has me itching for a bold move abroad.IMAG2226



Those close to me know that the last three months in prep for this marathon have been dark. I have a had an injury that has stopped me from training according to the grand plan I’ve followed for the last 20 marathons. I have been debating in my head and out loud whether or not I would even do it or if that my days of marathoning are over.

The lovely conflation of my own aging and working too much have created a perfect storm of excuses to bail, fail or wail. Ask my husband, it hasn’t been pretty.

Do you find yourself in a space of self doubt like this? I have no rational reason to doubt myself like this- heck, the worst case scenario is I would have taken a 6-hour walk around one of the most amazing cities on the planet and finished in the company of the man of my dreams. I live a blessed life. This marathon smacked me a bit to adjust the balance.  Shit happens to everyone. My work industry is disruptive- it will always be in a constant state of chaos. While special, I’m not “exempt-from-crap” special. So the balance adjustment… Sure, I will get stressed. I have to stop having that stress control me by having the balance of those things that are positive (and vastly more frequent) be my focus. In the event you see me acting as though the rain cloud hovers over just me, call me out.

So back to this marathon. Stunning. It completely thrashed my foot. Dig into my facebook posts if you want to see evidence and a video of me popping one of FOUR nasty blisters.

Enjoy this snapshot, and NO- I didn’t take a picture of the inner thighs. I’m a narcisSissy- blogger, but not THAT much the narcissist.   IMAG2184Five days later and my chaffed crotch has turned crusty and itchy (yeah, TMI). I’ve stopped bleeding when walking.  But I did it! No real training. No base of miles. I pushed myself for 4 hours and 38 minutes and ran -walked-shuffled 26.2 miles. The impossible was possible. I also met a guy doing his 700th and another guy doing his 200th marathon. I’m not a slacker at 21 of these… but jeepers creepers that’s amazing.

There are other places in my life where this thinking (with this logic) can be challenged. I love that vacation pulls this out of me. I am also digging that the cycles of integration have become shorter. Years ago I might have an insight that would often fade as I get back to my “normal” world. I have though about why this is so. I have an amazing partner. My team is strong. My business partners are loyal and supportive. I am skilled. Today I get to think and leap: I have people who catch me every time.

I ruminate sometimes that I / we are much less than a speck- a bug in a vast pile of bugs. At times I even feel like this bug trapped under a glass. But let me tell you about this bug. This little bastard was tossed out of the house 4-5 times into the rain only to find its way back into the house. And why not? It was a nice house. Warm. Dry. Well lit.  His persistence paid off. By the time I was ready to squish it, it stopped raining and he flew off on his merry way. I’m going to embrace being that persistent bug. Don’t squish me.

I am not trapped.


OK, so while the run was “awesome” – stunning, well supported and completed- what is more awesome is that through grit, hard work, some luck and lots of love, I am able to take this time to reflect and plan for the 22nd marathon, the continued adventures of life and reflect on the blessings in my life. Many of you who glance at this are part of that crew, so thank you. Thank You.  THANK YOU!